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Rainer H. Kozik

Well known Gold Coast Fantasy Artist, Rainer Kozik, is currently working on his children's book "Journey of the Ghorks", using his artworks as illustrations. This story has been many years in the making ...but nothing good ever came from rushing things!

The main characters in this story are based on the personalities and quirkiness of himself, his wife and their Four children.

Born in Bavaria, and influenced by the mountains, snow and castles of his childhood, Rainer is a strong believer in "Things Magick", and his works portray this in abundance.

Rainer has held many exhibitions, with his works being sought after by collectors world wide (U.S.A., Scotland, England, Germany, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia...)

Carol-Anne Kozik

At present, Carol-Anne is working on a series of Fantasy Stories, where her love of the Faerie Realm is able to be unleashed.  With two manuscripts completed in her "Woodland Warrior" series,  (Tales from the Forest Floore, and Tales Upon an Ocean Shore), she is already onto the sequel (The Thirteen Pinnacles).  The illustrations for these books will of course be done by Rainer.

But do not forget to look at her wonderful collection of ART-TO-WEAR - an eclectic array of 'Art to Adorn your Body', ranging from handbags, scarves and shawls to her more recent collection of hand-knitted Coats.

There is bound to be something here for everyone...