Friday, 17-Oct 2008 @ 5:33 pm

This picture is my own personal triumph!!!!! - it is one I was told could not be done!!!!  but I don't know the meaning of that word..............

Anyway - instead of using real water for this scene, I used some fabulous vintage bridal silk and scrunched it up a bit, then with a bit of help from my old friend (Mr Photo-Shop) I cleaned it up a bit - and voila!!!!! instant water!!!

   Scuba Diver    

This scene is of Stinky (the mouse) and Gustav (the Turtle), crossing the Great Ocean to safety...... No animals (mice or turtles) were hurt in the making of this production...........

Oh yes - the backdrop is also one of Rainer's fabulous artworks (called this one Seascape).

Monday, 13-Oct 2008 @ 6:53 pm
Time for another blog

We have been flat out taking photos for my 2nd story lately.  Had to wait for the sun to shine again though, but tomorrow we are hoping for the sun to smile on us again.    The Drew is coming around tomorrow and we shall do some more shots, but for now - have a look at this picture ....... it is called "Meeting Ignatius".

This is when Peabody (The Woodland Warrior),  and Stinky (the mouse)  first meet young Ignatius (the Fire Dragon), stuck in his seashell, on the shore of the Great Ocean. 

Ignatius is trying to be ferocious, and Stinky is trying to be brave - but Peabody can see the nonsense of the moment and takes control of the situation......

The backdrop is of course Rainer's painting (Yellow-Sky Woods). 

Ignatius and Stinky were hand made and hand painted by Rainer, and Peabody is of course dressed by moi......

 3D Prom Queen 


Tuesday, 07-Oct 2008 @ 3:28 pm

As promised - here is Rainer's latest painting: YELLOW-SKY WOODS. 

I have put it onto his art page, but here is a quick peek for you.......

Another site for you to check out is: www.zazzle.com/KozikArt

This is similar to Red Bubble.  I am still struggling with this one.  I seem to have no end of trouble with my picture sizes, but I will perservere......

Till next time

Carol xxx


Sunday, 05-Oct 2008 @ 7:06 pm

You have to look at our new site on Red Bubble: www.redbubble.com/people/TwirlyAngel

I have spent the last week and a bit trying to master this - and finally it all just 'clicked' for me, and now I can tell you it is ready for public viewing.

For those of you who do not know what Red Bubble is all about - well it is an online art community (world wide),where you can sell your artworks,  - but as prints, cards, calendars etc.  It is well worth a look at, not just at our site, but at the many others too.

 St. Basils Cathedral 

Till next time -

Cheers - Carol xxx


Friday, 03-Oct 2008 @ 7:06 pm

Just got to let you all know...... I have mastered MySpace!!!! yay!!

check us out: www.myspace.com/kozikart


I now have a slide-show for you all to see..... it took me quite a few 'tantys' before I was in control, but I am a Capricorn - I am stubborn!!!!

Anyway - today's photo here is of Rainer's latest backdrop for my book - this one is called "Yellow-Sky Woods".   It will be used as a background for my faeries as they come out of the woods, from down river, and they see the Great Ocean for the first time.  A very scary time for them all.

It is not quite ready for sale yet, but once it is I shall add it to Rainer's Art Page.

Till next time

Carol xxx  Wearing Lipstick 



Thursday, 02-Oct 2008 @ 6:15 pm

Nothing new in the world of Kozik.... but here is another picture of one of my favourites...

this time it is my own cat..... (Peanut)..... she has been quite ill lately, but has made a miraculous recovery...the poor little sausage was poisoned  - by over-zealous council worker with weed-killer...... but with lots of love and many,many nights on my knee with pats and cuddles, she has returned to her usual "bitchy" middle-aged self....


Wednesday, 01-Oct 2008 @ 6:57 am
MAGICK by Carol and Rainer

A few thoughts....

The World has become very cold and sadistic...

In Entertainment - Violence rules!

Architecture, Design and Art are now cold and without soul or colour!  The only accepted colour in this new world are "colours" like charcoal, beige and greys!

The real Fantasy world for children is fading away, and once again Violence Rules.

As a team of Believers in Magick, we will do our very best to keep the Realm of Fantasy alive!

True Magick is:

+The light in Children's eyes, listening to stories.

+ The light in adult's  eyes, watching their children in the Realm of Magick.

+ Making "Snow Angels" in the snow (or in the sand).

+ The colour of the sky after a thunder storm.

+ Jumping into a pile of crisp autumn leaves.

+ The look of "love" in your pet's eyes (for no reason, just because!).

 Monkey Kiss 

Magick is all around..........

 you have only to SEE when you Look..............

............. and LISTEN when you hear.....


 This picture is one of our favourites...... Edwaard the Drunken Butterfly.....

+++++++Look at a moment's beauty!  It may not last for a day!!! (Butterflies).

 Till next time...

Carol & Rainer xxx


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