Saturday, 23-Nov 2013 @ 7:26 pm

Even though Kozik Art have closed the doors on the little Gallery in Hope Island, we are still going strong, and are quite happily operating as an On-Line Gallery for now.   Howerver, nothing is stopping the creative flow, and Carol-Anne has finished yet another Fibre Art wall hanging AND a matching handbag (complete with story booklets for both).  Here is a combination photo to show you both pieces......

Wall Hanging - 'Underwater Garden'

Price: $280.00.......Size: 440mm x 970 mm - (plus stick width  - 800 mm)

Handbag - 'DragonFly' (I have re-created DragonFly, simply because my original DragonFly was one of the pieces that were STOLEN in our Gallery Break-In last week).

Price: $75.00.............Size: 380mm x 340 mm - (plus handle drop - 280 mm).

Tuesday, 19-Nov 2013 @ 7:26 pm
KOZIK ART has now sadly closed the little Gallery

Well it has been a bit of "come here..... go away...!!"........................ But finally KOZIK ART has now closed the little Gallery in the Marina Quays Village..... This has been entirely due to the fact that last week we were BURGLED!!!  

If you have never had this trauma you are the lucky ones............ but those of you who have, you will know how this invasion of your privacy can affect you.  I could not sleep worrying that they would somehow come back and re-burgle us again............... All of our artworks are our 'babies', each and every one of our works are so very dear, and so very special to the both of us. ' Letting them go' to new homes is traumatic enough, but having them wrenched away from us is entirely another thing altogether!

With the demise of the whole shopping complex, and the complete disbanding of any semblance of normaility (re: security, maintainence, cleaning etc, etc), KOZIK ART have had no other option but to withdraw/regroup and take stock of our 'Owness'.

We know we are good, too good in fact to be amongst such squallor that has been created by gross mis-management, so we have made the choice to become a totally ON-LINE GALLERY.

We will NEVER stop creating, do not fear, but we are at the stage of our lives that we do require some sort of comfort zone - therefore we have decided to become ON-LINE for now.  

Please do not be intimidated by this - you are all welcome at any time to contact us.  Give us a call, send us an e-mail or a text message, and we will respond...... you may even be 'blessed' with an audience with the artist, and maybe that might even come with a cup of coffee and a home-made cake.......????


Monday, 11-Nov 2013 @ 8:17 pm

What an emotional roller-coaster these last few weeks have been.   Here we were, fully convinced we would be closing this Sunday..... well "things" have happened which have enabled KOZIK ART to remain open for the next two weekends (hopefully).

Our stock, fittings and artworks are rapidly selling (with our 20% discount sale), so if you wish to purchase one of Rainer's fabulous Fantasy artworks, or one of Carol-Anne's exquisite Fibre Artworks, you still have two more weekends to be able to call in and purchase one.... however, we cannot offer a Lay-by or put a Hold on any of our works, as we truly do not know how long we will be able to trade from our little Gallery. 

I hasten to add that none of this is of our doing.  Those of you that know the politics of the complex will know that there has been a complete closure of the complex, along with a complete disbanding of the Body Corporate, creating complete chaos (ie, no council rates being paid, creating no rubbish collection, no water, no sewerage, no electricity, and no public liability insurance - so as you can see, we are taking all of this one weekend at a time. 

We will endeavour to keep you all informed of our progress, but for the next two weekends at least, we will still be trading from our little Gallery in Hope Island - shop 246, Marina Quays Village Markets, Hope Island 4212, Qld.

And remember - we still have COFFEE AND CAKE available.................

Tuesday, 05-Nov 2013 @ 10:39 am

To remind you all that our last trading weekend in our Gallery will be this Saturday and Sunday (9th & 10th November 2013).

Do call out to see us if you want to grab a bargain.  We will also be selling some of our fittings this weekend (ie our mannequins, the pine desk and 2 chairs, many of the potted plants, cafe chairs and tables and quite a lot more bits and pieces).

We close the doors for the final time on Sunday 10th November at 3.00 pm.

We do not know what the future will hold for us, but you can still enjoy our artworks here on our Web-site, or follow us on Facebook (click the link on the top right-hand side of this page).

Also, Rainer has a few of his artworks on public display (and for sale) in Monet's Art Garden Gallery, Metro Shopping Centre, Biggera Waters.

The Gallery is closing but Kozik Art are still alive and well - just need to find new premises, so until then we will become an on-line Gallery and we will most certainly continue producing our artworks for you all.

Hope to see you this weekend - and you may just grab a bargain....................

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