Tuesday, 30-Apr 2019 @ 3:56 pm
We are still here.....

Well, it sure has been a very long time since my last post here.   

Just before Christmas last year, Rainer was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, and as such has had to spend many long hours between doctor's waiting rooms, hospital waiting rooms and many, many specialists waiting rooms.  Fortunately though, the doctors and specialists are all of the same opinion, although the cancer is aggressive, it is very treatable, and as such that is what is happening.  

As well as that, we have also been in the unenviable position of moving house.  The lovely unit we were renting (and called home), was suddenly no longer available for rent.   So, with only a few weeks in which we could look around for our new place to call home, we managed to score a really lovely 3-bedroom villa in a fabulous waterfront complex.   

We have been here now for just on a month, and are slowly learning how to relax again, and with a bit more time, I am sure our creativity will once again return.  

So watch this space,  there will be new artworks on the horizon, and you will see it here first.

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