Saturday, 23-Jul 2011 @ 8:52 pm
Still alive and kicking in the Latin Quarters.....

Well what do you know............. we are still alive and kicking down at the LATIN QUARTERS of the Marina Quays Village Markets....

The sun has been shining all weekend, but the wind did have a slight bite to it................

Has anyone noticed how the seasons seem to be changing?  This morning I was putting out the washing and noticed that the Jasmine is already in bud!!!!   It is only July, isn't that a bit too early???


On another note................ how good is this>>>>>>>>>>>>>  here is another of Rainer's very early works - I found it (sold) on-line..............  I just love these early works - all done on heavy slabs of oregon or cedar wood. 

For those lucky enough to have one of these early works - do hang on to them - they will be quite the investment in time  ")





Wednesday, 20-Jul 2011 @ 1:42 pm

Well here I am back again in the land of Oz.................

Had a nice break over in 'Nu-Zild' visiting my parents, but am now back home and ready for new undertakings.

Managed to get heaps of great NZ wool, so will start knitting some new pieces soon.

In the meantime - here is Rainer's latest masterpiece -


size: 900 x 600 mm

Price: $450.00


Now on display in our Gallery -

Shops 255/256 Marina Quays Village Markets,

Saturday and Sundays - 9.30 am till 3.30pm


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