Tuesday, 04-Jul 2023 @ 6:15 pm
MAD HATTER in the making

Now that I have finished my Alice in Wonderland doll, and the White Rabbit, I have moved onto the Mad Hatter.

This guy is fast becoming my all-time favourite.  He is just such a delight to create, it's as if he is guiding me every step (or is that 'stitich?) of the way.  At the moment he is wearing his splendid green-striped waistcoat and his ever-so groovy spotted trousers.  He has been directing me as to the colour scheme, and it appears he wants his over-coat to be in a very loud RED.  Okay, so that is apparently what he shall have.

Anyway - here is a progress shot of Hatter in his waistcoat and pants, awaiting the arrival of his coat from the bespoke tailors.

Once he is finished, he will be available for adoption in my Etsy Shop

Kozik Art Emporium (the link for this is on the Home Page)

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