Sunday, 28-Nov 2010 @ 6:27 pm
EMPORIUM of STUFF - opening Saturday 4th December

We are hoping to open EMPORIUM of STUFF this Saturday............

Today Rainer cleaned the shop out, and painted the cupboards, etc.   It is starting to take on the feel of us again..............

Do call out and see us this weekend........

Shop 254 - Marina Quays Village Market - 2 Sickle Avenue, Hope Island, Qld.

Saturday, 27-Nov 2010 @ 7:44 pm
Another good Day at the Village...........

The weekend is in full swing, we are happy........... the sun shone brightly, the people were about, and we have taken on a new shop out at the Village!!!

Yes, that's right - we have extended our little emporium to include our original shop!!!  This somehow feels right for us.  Ten years ago we tentatively opened this funny little shop, selling our own wares, along with a few pre-loved garments.  This was fun, in fact this was a lot of fun............. fast forward the video to today, and here we are back again in the very same little shop!!! 

The walls and shelves all need a bit of t.l.c., but the floor is still the same fabulous tiled mosaic - quite classy infact!  The old curtain that I hung 10 years ago is still in the window - a little shabby, and the silly safety-pins that I used instead of curtain hooks are still hanging there!!!  And the really sweet thing that is quite touching (especially for Rainer), is that the ceiling hook that his late father installed for my old changing room is still in the ceiling!!!  

We have a house full of "Stuff" so we will probably collect all of this and put it into our new shop and call it THE EMPORIUM of STUFF!!!

Watch this space for updates....................

Thursday, 25-Nov 2010 @ 6:30 pm

Here is Rainer's latest artwork - WATER DRAGON.

In Rainer's Story "Journey of the Ghorks" (c) - The Realm of "The Sea of Trickery and Illussions" is a place of Make-Believe - but also a place of great Danger.

..........."Nothing is ever what it seems!  Travellers without knowledge should always ask for the help of a Guide!

One such Guide is the wise Water Dragon. 

A fully qualified Water Dragon should be able to navigate these treacherous waters with the help of the Moon and the Stars..... However, a small minority of Water Dragons seem to get mesmerized by the Moon, and therefore lose their train of thought, or any possiblity of a new thought forming....... So  be aware of Water Dragons with faraway eyes!!!

Trust me!!!  I have seen them!!!"

Rainer H. Kozik

Saturday, 20-Nov 2010 @ 5:10 pm

Many of you have been asking me what I shall be doing for my summer range.............. well, here is a sneak peek...........


I made up a couple this week, so I shall put them into the Gallery and see what feedback I get.

Here is a photo from today in the Gallery.



Tuesday, 16-Nov 2010 @ 10:06 pm

Today is Rainer's 60th!!!......................




Sunday, 14-Nov 2010 @ 8:50 am

Here is my latest handbag......... this one has a Christmas theme, so I have called it "SANTA OF THE CLAUS".....

Here is the funny little story that accompanies it.....

Santa of the Claus........

It was the usual night before Christmas, all the family had gathered and exchanged kisses and cuddles under the expensively decorated white and gold tree, but no-one was really able to say that they were part of any particular family.

This night, however, was going to be different.....

But no-one knew it yet!

Uncle Albright was the family clown.  He had always been bullied at school, and during his growing up years no-one in the family ever spent much time with him, or took the time to ask how he was.

This never seemed to upset the good natured Albright............

His life’s mission had always been to put a smile onto the faces of those less fortunate.......... and tonight was no different.

As the family around him bickered as to who was to have the bestest and most impressive gift, Albright quietly slipped off into the waiting night. 

Unbeknownst to his family, Uncle Albright was indeed none other than “Santa of the Claus”............

Slipping into his red and white suit, Uncle Albright summoned his eager Faerie friends............

“Come help me with creating

an end to the world’s unhappiness.

For on this sacred eve

Let the children believe that Magick is real,

And let the Worlde be at Peace,

If only for one night.”


Wednesday, 10-Nov 2010 @ 10:15 am
A Reminder......

Just a reminder to let you know that you can purchase most of our artworks as prints, cards, calendars etc. from either our RED BUBBLE online shop -

or our ZAZZLE online shop -

Postcards strart from as little as $2.00.



Tuesday, 09-Nov 2010 @ 10:38 am

Hopefully you will have found us........... (duh!!!, of course you have, if you are reading this, then you have found us!!!)......

How cool is this though, we now have a REAL www address............. thanks Drew xxx


Sunday, 07-Nov 2010 @ 6:22 pm
Just have to share this with you all..........

Last night, my 2nd grand-daughter made her entrance into our world...........

Here is a sneak peak.........

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