Sunday, 24-Oct 2021 @ 3:39 pm
Still here......

Seems ages since I last blogged here.  Nothing outstanding going on, just hibernating away in our own little world, and forget there is life outside sometimes.  

Rainer is still working away at his art,  mainly working on mini sculptures and smaller canvases, and I (Carol) have busied myself during this eternal Covid pandemic/lockdown with knitting my Little People.  

I have found I cannot stop creating these creatures.  Some are based on historical people, some are characters from well-loved books, and many are simply fictional characters created by myself.

It is hard for me to part with my Little People, hence the fact that I have not put them out in the real world for sale in a big way just yet, but I am slowly telling myself that it is time to do that, so over the next few weeks I shall be putting "The Boy"  (aka Rainer) to work behind the camera to take some good 'in-situ' style photos of them (in the garden,  up a tree etc) for authenticity. 

In the meantime, here is a photo of my latest two Little People -

Rasputin and the Tzarina Alexandra.   

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