Tuesday, 27-Oct 2015 @ 6:13 pm


One day, in our not too distant future, our planet will experience something very strange - a truly awesome Event of Beauty and Enlightenment.

Mother Earth will welcome our Celestial Visitors with open arms - for these creatures are the "Keepers of long-lost Values, Forgotten Crafts and Missing Romance".

These gentle creatures will descend upon us quietly and peacefully in their ancient Cloud-ships, bringing with them "Things of Knowing".  With the greatest of patience and tolerance, we are then taught how to find a beautiful flower, and to press it between two pages of blotting paper, inside an old book, and to wait until it has transformed into an item of art. 

We will be taught how to write an actual letter, with pen and ink, onto hand-made paper ..... if it should be a Love Letter, place the pressed flower inside.

We will be shown how an old clock works, and what it looks like on the inside - not forgetting the magical sounds it makes.

As the crowds gather to listen to the Celestial Visitors, they will look up to the skies to watch as birds fly over in perfect formation, enjoying playing in the uplifting thermals of the heavens.


Acrylic and Enamel on Stretched Canvas -  with 'found' objects, vintage jewellery and one old time-piece from a bygone era.

Size: 600 x 600 x 40 mm

Saturday, 24-Oct 2015 @ 5:41 pm

Finally finished - THE EMPRESS...........

a word from the Artist (Rainer) -

One of my favourite subjects - "Bastet: The Cat-Goddess of Ancient Egypt.

A true picture of power, pride and beauty.  A Guardian - forever vigilant.

Size: 1220 mm x 610 mm x 40 mm

Acrylic on strtetched canvas - enhanced with vintage jewellery.

Monday, 19-Oct 2015 @ 8:31 am

As promised - there are some fabulous new artworks in the making.....

Here is a sneak peek of the very BEGINNING of the  latest in Rainer's collection of Cat Goddess's....... This is the background only at this stage - so keep watching here for more progress shots.

Size: 1222 mm x 610 mm

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