Saturday, 19-Mar 2011 @ 6:53 pm

Well here we are again...... another week has flown on by........and boy has it been wet.......... Remember the days when we were told to conserve water!!!  Bring them back, I  tell you!!!

Still - the wet days make one stay indoors and create pieces of magic............

So with that in mind ...............

Here is Rainer's latest masterpiece: A WORLD WITHIN A WORLD....... a 2-piece fantasy.

“A World Within a World”

One of the most surreal concepts for any Artist or Writer would be to invent a Magical Realm, a lost world far beneath the Earth’s Crust.  A rather warm place of course!

Creatures that are still waiting for Evolution to hurry up, frolicking about, showing off their imperfections. 

A very happy place really.  Oblivious to the world above,  a World of war and hatred.


Saturday, 12-Mar 2011 @ 8:34 pm
Was a Good DAy today...........

What a great day it was today.  Not so many sales :) ............ but the wonderful Cafe Ridiculous has taken off!!!

Do call out and see us - have a coffee, have a muffin - and then............ do your own dishes!!!   This is a brand new concept - never been done before, but I tell you, it is rapidly taking on...........


Friday, 11-Mar 2011 @ 6:16 pm

I have finished yet another handbag, using the wonderful soy-fibre and wool blend.  It is just so, so soft to touch, and the colours change as you knit it up.  Quite lovely.  Of course I have added my own bits and bobs to this bag to make it "one of mine", including some more of the handmade wooden runes from Rainer.

Here is the little story that goes with this bag:

Magick Bag of Gentle Strength

Today was an especially happy day for the Woodland Elf – for today was the day she was to have a tea-party with her friends from the Forest.

Along the pathway she skipped, singing a quiet song of contentment to herself.  Every now and then she would stop and gather a few items of magick from the forest floor – a beautiful feather from the bluebirds, an acorn or two from the tall trees, a bloom from the wild flowers growing happily in the sunshine, and a few berries from the thorny bushes along the way.

All these items she lovingly placed inside her magic bag.   This bag she carried with her at all times, as indeed did all the Dwellers of the Woodlands. 

Upon this bag she placed a magic spell....... A spell of Protection, New Beginnings, Peace and Harmony.............

Beorc – Othel – Fehu



Peace – Harmony – Protection

Used for protection of

House or Temple.



Used for Monetary Gain.

Especially powerful

When paired with Fehu.



Used for swift, radical change.

- Increase in monetary wealth.

-Protection of valuables.


Dawn always follows dark –

So with FEHU be aware that

it is almost sunrise.





Thursday, 10-Mar 2011 @ 5:27 pm
New Work by Rainer

It's still wet............. but here is his latest piece:


We will have it in the Gallery for this weekend.

Sunday, 06-Mar 2011 @ 8:18 pm
Great Weekend........

Well this weekend was just the best!!!   Not only did I sell FOUR of my Story-bags, but we also opened up the fabulous CAFE RIDICULOUS!!!

To the uninitiated.......... out at our Village Market we have formed a collective cafe amongst us shop-keepers.  Rainer and I supplied the coffee machine and kettle, plus a few tea bags, coffee, sugar etc.  and last night I made one of my lemon-coconut cakes.  But all the other lovelies out there also chipped in and supplied biscuits, milk, sugar, tea-towels etc, etc........... and the wonderful Ray GAVE us a fridge!!!

We are operating this little venture on a Gold Coin Donation only at the moment, and I tell you, this has been totally successful. 

The funniest thing today was when three lovely ladies called in for a coffee, had a few bikkies and then turned around and washed their own dishes when they finished...... How good is that????   But that is the whole concept of this funny little cafe............ do call out and see us - have a coffee,  munch on one of our handmade treats and then DO YOUR OWN DISHES AFTERWARDS!!!

See you there...............


Saturday, 05-Mar 2011 @ 7:58 pm
Great Day..........

What a great day it turned out to be.......... 

Sold not one - but TWO of my handbags........... how cool is that???

Anyway - as promised, here is my story for my latest bag - ANGEL IN MY GARDEN...........

Angel in my Garden

The day is drawing to a close.  This day has been especially lovely – for today is the last day of Summer.  The trees are about to begin their annual transformation, turning from dark green into hues of brown and gold, all in readiness for the coming Autumn.  Their excitement is quite noticeable – especially to the little forest folke who live beneath the toes of these magnificent trees.

The sun, being aware of this transformation, has put on an especially magnificent display this evening – turning the whole heavens above the earth-garden into a vibrant orchestra of colour.............turquoise,  pink, yellow, orange and red. 

From the bottom of the garden, dressed all in green, the Earth-Angel appears.  Looking upwards to the sky, she casts a spell – a spell for the continued strength of the trees, flowers and all creatures upon the Earth.

Sitting silently beneath the tallest tree, the little Folke of the Forest watch as the Earth Angel utters these words..........

Oak Tree, Oak Tree,

Standing so Tall,

Gather your strength

You must never, ever fall.


Daffodil, Daisy,

Jasmine and Rose,

Rest now my friends

as this Autumn draws near.

Your return in the Springtime,

Will fill us with care.


Grow in silence, grow in strength -

Good Luck be with you,

Bad Luck be gone!

May only Good Luck flow in

Take Root and Grow!!




Friday, 04-Mar 2011 @ 12:37 pm
My latest handbag -

A new month - a new page..........

I've just this minute finished my latest handbag!!! 

I've called it ANGEL IN MY GARDEN...............

It is handknitted with a lovely combination of soy-fibre and wool, and is embellished with some exquisite vintage beads and bits.

This bag is fully lined, again with some lovely vintage fabric to compliment the gorgeous colours of the soy-fibre.

I am still working on the story for this bag - but for now, please enjoy this photo.  (There are more detailed photos on my ART-TO-WEAR page).

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