Thursday, 30-Sep 2010 @ 7:00 pm
Now on FACEBOOK!!!

I have to let you know............ we are now on FACEBOOK!!!!/pages/Gold-Coast-Australia/Kozik-Art/162491747101252?v=wall

If you click the above link you should be into our page............

Saturday, 25-Sep 2010 @ 6:16 pm

At the risk of sounding repetitive......... I've finished a couple more of my story bags!!!   I am really loving doing these creations, and especially loving writing the little stories that accompany each of my bags.

Last night (at 9.30pm!!!) I finished my latest bag - 'Wealth, Love & Abundance' - a Rune Bag.   I put together a rune-script spelling out WEALTH, LOVE & ABUNDANCE which I stitched onto the front.  The Runes were lovingly hand-made for me by Rainer a few years ago, from a piece of driftwood, which he sliced, painted and drilled for me.  So,  I have used these gorgeous pieces on my bag. 

I barely hardly had time to look at it in the Gallery today (I like to ponder upon my works once they are finished), when a lovely lady called in and bought it, along with another of my pieces.  She said she could 'feel' the energy coming from my bags.......... how good is that!!???

Here is a photo of my bag.................

Better go for now........... Hope to see you all soon,

take care - Luv Carol xxx

Saturday, 18-Sep 2010 @ 5:52 pm

I've been working away the last couple of weeks on my new concept........... "STORY BAGS".

I hand-knit these bags, and then fully line them with vintage Irish Linen (ferretted out from my stash of wonderful old bits of stuff!!!).  Once I have the basic shape I then get to work on embellishing them, so that they take on a life of their own.

Once the bag is 'born' I then sit at my desk here and write a little 'story' for each of them.   When I am happy with the outline of the story, I then set to and turn the story into a little pocket-book, which I print out on my little printer and then sew together on my trusty old (very sick!!!) sewing machine.

I'll put a photo here for you to see..............  This is my latest creation - called MAGICK-MAGICK-MAGICK -  (I finished it last night at 9.30pm!!!).  Inside of this bag is also another little bag full of crystals for MAGICK!!

On another note........... Rainer has come up with a brilliant idea of his own!!!   From now on, he is adding onto the back of each of his paintings a little snippet from his 'brush-off-rag' as proof of authenticity.  Actually, they look great, tied onto the back of the artworks. 

Better go - more knitting to do, so little time............



Sunday, 12-Sep 2010 @ 5:41 pm

As promised, here is a photo - taken today, of Rainer's TIME GATHERER.  He has put it into a composition with his other Time  Machines of Planet Bickering, and it is now on display in our Gallery.

It has been wonderful these last couple of weekends in the Gallery with people really getting involved with his work.  Many of these lovely people have been giving him bits and pieces of treasure for him to incorporate into his sculptures, so thank you so very much.  He really appreciates your input, and will endeavour to use as many of these little delights in his upcoming works.

For more detailed photos please check out his Art Page.


Saturday, 11-Sep 2010 @ 6:05 pm

I know that it is officially Springtime - but I'm still busy with the knitting. 

I finished a couple of new garments this week - a long-sleeved bolero  (Spirit of Autumn) -  and a lightweight shawl (Faerie Queen), which I have knitted using a gorgeous mohair and wool blend.  Check them both out on my Art-to-Wear Page.

The last couple of weekends have been a bit slow in the Village, so let's hope that things will improve soon - especially with Christmas only 3 months away!!!

Rainer is still working away on his Time Machine.  Actually, he is now working on TWO of them!!!  He is totally into the zone, so if you call in to see us, be prepared to be "Time-Zapped!!!".

Today's photo is a view of our Art Emporium, incorporating our new neighbour (Garry Art).   Please do call out to see us...........

Shops 255 - 256  Marina Quays Village, Hope Island (not the shopping centre at Bi-Lo's!!!! - no no no!!!  - we are the little VILLAGE SQUARE at the round-about - the one with the silly statue!!!)

See you soon?????


Monday, 06-Sep 2010 @ 6:10 pm
VIDEO of Rainer's TIME-MACHINE -a work in progress


Yesterday I took a quick video of Rainer's Time-Machine.  Do have a look........

I must apologize for the blurry start to this video - I was hurrying because I thought I had run out of memory space on the camera............. just click the link below.........!/video/video.php?v=459199639121&ref=mf


Saturday, 04-Sep 2010 @ 6:44 pm

All one can say about today was.......... it was windy!!!

Every corner of the Gallery has been blown about, every single grain of sand, dust and other such particles of grit and grime found its way into our Art Emporium.  I have spent most of today sweeping, dusting and getting really, really shirty..........

Anyway, that's today done..............  Let's hope that tomorrow is better.   But looking at the weather forecast on 'Google-Weather' it is supposed to be THUNDER STORMS!!!!  OMG!!!

Not to worry - When the wind subsided for a couple of minutes today we took a quick photo of the Gallery........ have a look.  We are really happy with our little worlde. 

Catch up again soon -

Cheers - Carol.


Friday, 03-Sep 2010 @ 6:50 pm
AND ANOTHER ONE DONE............!!!!

I'm firing on all cylinders at the moment.......... I've finished another "Story Bag" this week..... have a look.

I've called this one "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe"............ I feretted out a fabulous lion's head which gave me the inspiration for this bag.  Then I looked around our house (those that know us, know that we have "Stuff"!!!), and I 'found' this witch (she has been watching over me in my office for a couple of years, so she is ready for a new home....), and the key........... well the key is quite old - not sure what is opens, I'll leave that up to your imagination.     Anyway - here is my latest creation... (more photos on my Art-to-Wear Page).

I present to you THE LION - THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE handbag.............

Thursday, 02-Sep 2010 @ 12:56 pm

Well it is now officially SPRINGTIME!!!   The jasmine is in full bloom on our back fence - which makes hanging out the washing an absolute joy for me.  I just love the heady, sweet perfume this gorgeous plant gives out.  Unfortunately, poor old Rainer is so alergic to this, that he wakes up in the morning and sneezes about 20 times in one go, and never stops for the rest of the day. 

On another note - I have finished another 'story-bag'.  This one I have called AN EVENING IN VENICE.  I have tried to capture the feeling of early Baroque Venice - and to this end I have sewn a vintage bit of 'bling' onto the front and have fully lined my bag with a rich gold fabric.   Have a look.........


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