Friday, 29-Oct 2010 @ 7:10 pm
Miniature Canvases!!!

Just have to share this with you all.....

Rainer is now working on MINATURE CANVASES with minature easels..........

Have a look.........

Size: 18cm x 13 cm.


Thursday, 21-Oct 2010 @ 8:47 pm

I've just finished this bag (literally, just finished it, only half an hour ago!!!)...........

I've called it SCULLERY MAID'S DAY OFF..............

here's the story:

Scullery-Maid’s Day Off

Imagine if you will, a time in a distant but pleasant past.

Gas-lit streets with horse-drawn carriages  all about.

 Gentlemen knew how to bob their hats when a lady passed by, while the lady in question would know how to curtsy in acknowledgment of this favour.

 To be ‘in-service’ was an honour for the young ladies of this time.

 Emily-Jane was a Scullery-Maid.

Such a good, hard-working girl was she.

Loyalty and obedience were her strength.


For many, many months now Emily-Jane had been saving her pennies for the day she was to have all to herself.

Today is that day.........

Ten whole shillings she has put away............


For her first shilling, she has decided to spend time with her gentleman friend, William, man-servant to Lord Worthington.

They will while away a few hours of this glorious day in their favourite cafe on the high-street, sipping away at their tea and nibbling of fresh scones.


For her second shilling, they have decided to spend it together at the newly opened “Picture Arcade” where they will watch a talking-picture show with her Aunt Penelope playing the organ music.

 For her third shilling, she will buy herself a brand new lace petticoat.


For her fourth shilling, she will buy herself a small bottle of lavender water.

For her fifth shilling she will buy young William a new pair of shiny boots.

For her sixth shilling she will buy herself a leather-bound chronicle of “Ladies Circle”.

For her seventh shilling she will buy herself a cocktail from the Ladies Lounge of the Corner Off-Licence.

For her eighth shilling she will lovingly buy young William an overnight moustache-protector.

For her ninth shilling she will buy a small ladies’ flask to fill with Cherry Brandy.....

And her tenth shilling was spent wisely on an umbrella – to use for a rainy day...............


Please enjoy.......................


Sunday, 17-Oct 2010 @ 6:31 pm

Well, what can one say????  Today was special.  For some reason the Universe kept showering us with gifts.........  First off, this morning we were given a fabulous old pendulum clock (thanks heaps Darryl xxx.)  This gorgeous old clock (we call her  "Contessa"), was given up for dead, and was destined for the scrap heap.  But, thanks to  the "Guardian Angel of Old Clocks" (Darryl), 'Contessa' was given a reprieve, and is now proudly ensconced in our Gallery.  Have a look at this video that I have put together........... (click the link below, it will take you to my Facebook Page.........)


Then, bugger me, my gorgeous son Ashley and his mate Jason arrived with a lovely wooden cabinet for us.  We will be using this to display Rainer's prints etc.

  Then....... yes, there is more.........  The lovely Robbie (Fig Tree Cafe - makes a killer coffee!!),  arrives and gives us some wonderful old jewellery for us to use in our sculptures and artworks. 

Then........ yes!!! there is still more.........  The wonderful Alex (husband of the lovely Robbie), arrives with a boxful of miniature easels for us to display Rainer's smaller works on.

All I can say is 'THANK YOU', you are all wonderful xxxx

Today's photo is of my latest story bag - "Midnight Harlequin".    Please enjoy .

See you all next weekend -

Cheers, Carol xxx



Saturday, 16-Oct 2010 @ 7:00 pm

Rainer's latest art work - "Cat Goddess of Scarab Land"

Based on the Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess (Bastet), this creature is the Guardian of the family, the harvest and the food supplies.

She is also based on our own cat "Peanut"............. cats can see 'things' that us mere mortals cannot..........


Wednesday, 13-Oct 2010 @ 8:54 am

It is still raining, raining, and raining!!!  Good time to snuggle down and do some knitting.

Here's my latest bag............. "MY SECRET GARDEN".........


Sunday, 03-Oct 2010 @ 4:52 pm

Time is certainly flying by now!!!  

This weekend was a bit of a wet one...... it rained solidly for the whole weekend, with no let up on the horizon at all.  Oh well, I guess  our garden needs the watering!

But I am quite happy with myself - I have managed to finish two more of my Story-Bags.  I've just put them onto my Art-to-Wear Page, so do have a look. 

My favourite one is "Kubla's Bag of Magick".  I  used a fabulous vintage handbag for the closure (solid brass), plus an Indian Silver elephant head, along with a couple of handcarved bone trinkets for embellishment.   

This time for the little story book that always accompanies my bags, I covered it with imitation leather from a vintage handbag, and embellished this with real turquoise beads on a fine silver chain. 

I will add a photo here for you to see............

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