Friday, 23-Jan 2009 @ 1:29 pm
The year is certainly racing away....

Here it is almost the end of January already.....

Where does the time go?

Lately I have been puddling about with photo-shop, so here is one of my funny little attempts 

- I hope Vincent isn't offended?

(I thought Van Gogh's "Night Cafe" was a bit morbid, so I sent in my Angels.......)

There will be more - that's a threat more than a promise!!!  Shy Girl 

If you are interested, this picture is available for sale on my Red Bubble Site

Card: $ 4.20 - Matted Print: $30 - Mounted Print: $48 - Stretched Canvas: $72

- Small Framed Print: $96


Cheers - Carol xxx

Thursday, 15-Jan 2009 @ 7:44 pm
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all xxx

Well what do you know???? here it is already half way into January!!!!

Tonight Rainer has been crawling through the under-growth of our garden taking photos of my faieries for my illustrations......

but wait!!!!  PANIC!!!

as you all know, Rainer has been feeding every damn bird and it's mate in Labrador....... anyways....... tonight they brought their baby down to show off!!!  ...... well, long story cut short, the baby fell out of the nest, Rainer went to save it, the parents were screaming hysterically, all pandemonium was breaking out!!!!  There was Rainer, baby bird in hand trying to pacify it and put it back into the nest, when BUGGER ME!!! it bit him! (several times on his hands!) - He was not impressed - but he still says hello to you all xxxx (he's o.k.) - there was lots of blood and lots of swearing here!!!!


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