Wednesday, 25-Mar 2015 @ 10:41 am
THE SPLENDID ONE - Assemblage Art sculpture

THE SPLENDID ONE - Assemblage Art Sculpture

This wonderful creature used to be one of Mother Nature's most plain and humble Beings,  A Sparrow..... But not for long!

One day he felt a big change coming - a very strong urge to re-invent himself and to become something amazing.  And so he did.

His is now known as "The Great Gilded Sparrow-Dragon".

Size: 580 x 130 mm

Price: $180.00 (Australian).

Tuesday, 17-Mar 2015 @ 3:52 pm
WHIPPED CREAM pure silk Afghan


Created by ripping nearly 50 metres of PURE SILK into strips, then hand-knitting with over-sized needles.

Size: 2 metres x 1200 mm

Price: $420.00 (Australian).

Thursday, 12-Mar 2015 @ 6:45 pm

Once upon a time, high up in the icy Mountains of Zauberland lived a very large, but very handsome Dragon.  His back and his tail was clad in silver armour, and his rather large nose was embelished with a horn, made from the purest gold.

This Dragon was a very kind and helpful creature.  Always ready to lend a helping Claw to anyone in need.  Somehow he could sense the outcries for help in the Village below, and it took him no time at all to come to the rescue of the Peasants in trouble.

However, because of his enormous size, he caused more damage than good.  What made it even more difficult, was that the Village below the "Dragon's Keep" was a Village of Dwarfs - so everything was so very little!

The little people of the little village did not want to hurt the Dragon's feelings, but something had to be done!

An extra-ordinary gathering of Village-Elders was called to solve this problem.  From this gathering it was decided that the Buerger-Meister should make an announcement.........

"We all know that our beloved Dragon loves to sleep -  He is very old, and needs to rest.
Therefore, I will appoint one of our most vigilant Dwarf Knights to take up a post on top of the highest peak of Dragon Mountain, using his magick and his voice to ward off anything or anyone making noise!  As long as our Dragon sleeps our Village will not be damaged from his over-zeleous 'help'."
And so it was done...........

Size: 200 x 180 x 90 mm

Price: $150.00 (Aust).


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