Thursday, 16-Oct 2014 @ 12:02 pm

A Visit to the Ice World....

We all know that my Dragons are not fierce.  They only hiss and spit, if they absolutely have to. 

Usually my Dragons are like children, but they are the size of a house......... And, like children, they need to explore the world around them.

This "Visit" to the Ice World was never really a "visit', but an act of utter Foolishness!

A small "Fire-Dragon" should never explore caves behind waterfalls........ One of these dark Portals could be an Entrance to the Ice World!

- Size: 280 mm x 280 mm

- Price: $120.00 (Aust)

Thursday, 09-Oct 2014 @ 8:18 pm
Works on Display at the fabulous ESCAPE GALLERY

Today was a wonderful day.  We set out in the morning, full of hope and anticipation - and a little intrepidation.   The car (our trusty little '96 Celica) was full to the brim with our artworks, and off we went - down south to Murwullimbah.

What a lovely little town this is...........perched on the banks of the Tweed River, this little town is a true hidden gem - indeed, this town is truly a step back in time.  The houses and shops are gorgeously awkward, old and yet so characterful....... This town relies heavily upon the Sugar Cane farmers for the bulk of it's population - (and dare I hint at a little other 'herbal' growings????),  plus a lovely collection of 'alternative' wisdoms to add to the populace.............. yes, this little town is growing on me quite charmingly. 

Anyway - today we had 9 of our artworks accepted for exhibition at the ESCAPE FINE ART GALLERY, 1 Brisbane Street, Murwullimbah, NSW , 2484.

Please do try to visit this lovely town and enjoy the wonders that are available here - including the OPENING EXHIBITION EVENT - Saturday 1st November 6pm - 9pm .....

Gallery Hours - 10 am - 4 pm (Wed - Sat) Fri till 6pm.

Wednesday, 08-Oct 2014 @ 11:32 am

The Gifted One.....

Nigel sees things differently............... preferably upside-down!

His Parents do not understand him, but he feels so comfortable in his upside-down world, so why should anyone take him from his happy place?

Size: 910 x 600 mm

Price: $480.00 (Aust).

Sunday, 05-Oct 2014 @ 11:43 am

City of Forgotten Dreams,

Imagine the Perfect City, close to a well-controlled Ocean, surrounded by magnificent Beaches.  Humans, in their plastic happiness, existing in their robotic state, day after dreary day!

A City so perfect, it has forgotten the Magick of the Firmament and the World surrounding it.  So, let us leave this perfectly controlled world and climb the Ladder to Wishes and Dreams..........................

Acrylic and Enamel on stretched canvas - enhanced with vintage jewellery and 'found' objects.

Size: 910 x 600 mm

Price: $450.00 (Aust).

Wednesday, 01-Oct 2014 @ 7:38 pm
Another Month already!!!

Another month has begun - Where on earth does the time go?  I am sure it not only has wings, but it is turbo-charged and is enhanced with rocket-fuel!

Rainer has been busy working away on a new artwork, and on top of that, is already planning a 2nd piece to follow.

Once I am allowed to, I shall sneak past his work-space and take a progress photo.

Also, I am still knitting away.  I know it is now Springtime here in Australia, but way over there, on the other side of our Globe it is indeed racing into Autumn (Fall), and of course Christmas is not that far off, so if you need a lightweight prezzie to post overseas, do not look any further than Kozik Art............ Scarves, hats, Mittens,  handbags, Coats...............

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