Wednesday, 29-May 2013 @ 6:24 pm
Almost Winter here in Australia......

Well, it is only 2 days  before it is officially Winter here in Australia,........... but on another note - here is Rainer' latest artwork - THE FORBIDDEN PLANET.

Size: 910 mm x 610 mm

Price: $480.00 (australian).

Picture this my Friends - One Magick evening, you find yourself walking near the Ocean, waiting for the clouds to lift,  and a beautiful silvery moon rising to great you.

Instead you are dazzled by a meteor shower in colours of red and yellow.  As this curtain of Heavenly Fire parts,  like a Theatre Curtain, this amazing Celetial Body appears!  Not the moon - but something you have never seen, and probably never will again!

"The Forbidden Planet"!!!! - You gaze in awe and you are overcome with a feeling that this Powerful Orb bares the secrets of the Universe, deep within it's Chambers of Knowledge....................

Tuesday, 14-May 2013 @ 6:04 pm
TWIRLY ANGEL SERIES created by Carol-Anne

 Here are some of my TWIRLY ANGEL icons.......

I painted these a while ago, and sold most of them - but a few of my favourites I kept for myself. 

However, I feel it is now time to let them have a new home, which is why I am now releasing them to you all.   Please enjoy.

The "Twirly" part of my Angels is based on my native New Zealand KORU.  Basically this is the symbol of new life and/or eternity (based on the newly formed fern frond as it slowly unwinds).

My abstract Angels are bumbly and matronly, but Angels none-the-less........... always willing to help you out as you may need........

If you wish to view them, they will be available this weekend at COFFEE @ SAFFRON'S -

Shops 252-253 Marina Quays Shopping Village, 2 Sickle Ave, Hope Island, Qld. 4212.

Opening hours -

9.30am till 3.30pm SATURDAY & SUNDAY only.

Wednesday, 08-May 2013 @ 6:04 pm

THE FIRMAMENT - The Sky, The Oceans and the Heavens.

A painting of pure Magick:

Featuring all of the forever changing components of our Divine Celestial Theatre.

Presented through a Heavenly Curtain, we are in awe of the Iris-Moon and its Divine Powers.  In the distance, surrounded by the peaceful Oceans appears the image of an ethereal Water Castle.....

Size: 710 x 710 mm

Price: $450.00 (Australian).


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