Monday, 30-Jan 2012 @ 9:14 pm
Cleaned up the Blog Entries

Just spent the last couple of hours here on my Blog cleaning up the "Comments" left by some unscrupulous individuals...... I am not happy when I find that my private space is invaded by Spam and other such low-life generated rubbish....Please know that Kozik Art is in no way affiliated with any of this evilness.

I will now organize for the "comment-box" to be removed from this site - apologies to those of you who have been using this as a means of communication with us.

But for those 'lesser-beings' who have been using this as a means of communication for activities that are not only immoral, but are (to my way of thinking) illegal, you will now have to find some other fool to use for your sick 'kicks'.



Sunday, 22-Jan 2012 @ 8:20 pm
more works....

Have to show you my knitted roses....

Friday, 20-Jan 2012 @ 6:22 pm

Have to share this...... the paint is still wet, that is how new this one is!!

................ a word from Rainer...........

"I know I shouldn't sell this great Original, in fact, I shouldn't sell any of my works, because I love them all!!  However, reality strikes!

The "Four Ghorks" (c) are the Main Characters in my story.

Imagine this Scene............

Four Orphan-Eggs, hatched by "Mountain-goat-Nannies" with cold bottoms, in a blizzard!   The Egg Dwellers finally see the first glimpses of daylight, only to find out that their wings are missing...............!!!"





Saturday, 14-Jan 2012 @ 8:26 am
My Hippie Chic collection is growing.....

Have added some new items to my funnly little "Hippie Chic" collection....... here is a sneak peak at my chunky Headbands.

Sunday, 08-Jan 2012 @ 7:18 pm
A good weekend was had......

Thank you to all you Lovelies who called in to see us this weekend.  It is always wonderful to see you all, and to know that you still care..... and believe me, we so do very much appreciate and return your love xxx

The creativity is slowly returning to us both, after the horrendous couple of months we have had to endure - but justice and the universe has a way of showing the truth, the light and the way............ (*sorry - a bit heavy, but you must admit - this is so true).

Tonight the moon is full and it is shining onto the ocean outside our unit..... this, my friends is the real meaning of  magic.   We do so hope to stay in this wonderful place for many years to come - but like everything in our lives, this too is in the lap of the Gods.  We shall just enjoy the peace and tranquility while we can.

Do check out my latest "Teapots of Qurkiness".......

Cheers - Carol xxx


Thursday, 05-Jan 2012 @ 6:58 pm
For the Kozik Art enthusiasts - we will open tomorrow (Friday 6th Jan) for a few hours over lunchtime. We have to bring in a few new artworks, so thought we would open the doors for a couple of hours. Pop in if you are in the area......

Here is a photo of some more of my teapots...............  more to come........

Wednesday, 04-Jan 2012 @ 8:06 pm

Well - hard to believe, but we have survived yet another year on this planet...............

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, and that you did not overlook the joy of the true meaning of this time of the year..............  prezzies, chocolate, alcohol - and love!!!

The clock has ticked away and another year has chimed itself into our lives.   Let's hope that this year will be full of love, hope and wonderment for you all. 

'Me and He' have been working away at our crafts............. I (Carol) have taken up the age-old art of knitting tea-pot covers (Tea Cozies), and He (that is Rainer) has created yet another masterpiece - titled THE GODDESS & THE HAWK II.  This wonderful painting depicts the deities of the Ancients of Egypt........... the 'Goddess Bastet' (the Cat), sitting atop the Sky God Horus (the Hawk) - whilst holding the Sun God  Ra (the orb).....   please enjoy xxx

Here is the little story to explain (written by "Him" - Rainer).....


As a small child, growing up in Bavaria, I was lucky to have my Aunty Margot teaching me about the magick of Ancient Egypt.  She had some amazing books hidden in her library.  When the time was right,  I knew when to put aside my Mickey Mouse comics and look into Aunty Margot's "Big Serious Books".  These fascinating books took my interest every time I visited.

I had always been fascinated by the Kings and Gods of Ancient Egypt - and I sometimes would wonder whether these Gods and Godlings were able to help each other - able to help form a greater power, or to perhaps join together to help the Underlings of the land???

With this thought in mind, I have created this painting - Bastet - the Cat Goddess, atop Horus - the Sky God, atop Ra - the overall Sun God.................  

Imagine the power of this Triad.............







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