Friday, 17-Feb 2012 @ 6:48 pm
Art on Screen...........

Have to share...

Rainer has finished this wonderful masterpiece....... YVIEANNA the Cloud Dragon..... a beautiful artwork in it's own right, but as an added bonus he has painted it onto a very collectable white APPLE Moniter.... just have a look....

Those of you who are following our story..... Yvieanna is the Cloud Dragon (and in reality she is me!!!) - maybe that is why I love this one so much.

Size: 370 x 230 mm

Price: $280.00


Yvieana - the Cloud Dragon - Wise Oracle of Olgosh.

Seek the Truth, and your knowledge will shine.

Follow the light of your own torch on the path of enlightenment"  (quote from Journey of the Ghorks, Rainer H. Kozik).



Tuesday, 14-Feb 2012 @ 3:24 pm

This weekend we are  putting on a  20% Gallery Sale..........

All artworks and knitwear will be reduced - but this weekend only.


Shops 255 - 256 Marina Quays Village Markets,

Hope Island, Qld.


Call in and see us - Saturday and Sunday - 9.30am till 3.30pm.



Friday, 10-Feb 2012 @ 12:01 pm

As promised - here is Rainer's latest artwork (and a little story to explain).........


The Royal Academy of Flight

(“Journey of the Ghorks” © 2012)


With this Painting, my ongoing story, regarding the upbringing of stubborn and lazy “nest over-stayers’, has taken a very tough turn!  Even in the Bird World, it is called “Tough Love”.

I have now employed a highly qualified Governess to put an end to all this nonsense.   Her Rules are simple –

Hang there on your twig for as long as you like, you will have to drop sooner or later!  When you do – use your wings, for if you don’t, you crash!

Eggshell helmets are supplied.

Monday, 06-Feb 2012 @ 8:42 pm
Wow!!! Two days in a row without rain.......!!!

WOW..!!!   Two days in a row without rain!!!  How good is that??

Looking out the window tonight I can see the most wonderful full moon.   I do so hope that this moon augers well for the coming month, and will bring us days without rain, and nights without humidity (pleeeeez!!).

We have been working away between us on our own creativities..... Me with my knitted flowers and stuff, and He with his paintings.   This latest artwork of Rainers is going to be well worth the wait.....

I have seen the sketches and it is going to be great.......  Photos will follow in a day or two.

Watch this space..............

 Remember too - we are on FACEBOOK......


Wednesday, 01-Feb 2012 @ 7:58 pm
When will this rain stop????

I am getting a little over all this rain!    Rain - Rain - Rain!!!  that is all we have been having, for weeks now!  The house is leaking badly and now the Gallery is leaking!!!

Not to worry - we are still soldiering on, and hopefully the Gods of Sunshine willl beam upon us for this weekend.

I am still working away at my knitted flowers, and Rainer is planning another masterpiece - so we always find plenty to do - rain, hail or sunshine.

Before I go - thought I'd share this photo with you all........ now we know how a cat tucks itself in when it sits down.........?????


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