Wednesday, 18-Nov 2009 @ 7:50 pm
A quick look at my latest artwork

I have five minutes to myself here - so have a look at my latest artwork.....

I've called it - "Tranquility - Love - Peace"   .............

You can purchase it as a card, print or framed print from my Red Bubble shop:



Tuesday, 10-Nov 2009 @ 7:47 pm
New Painting by RAINER

Here is the latest artwork by Rainer....... It is called "Day-Time Moon".

Size: 900 x 450 mm on stretched Canvas.

This is one of my favourites..... I just love the daytime moon..... something so very whimsical and ethereal about gazing upon it.

The next two weeks I will probably not be able to do much 'blogging' here...... we are having Rainer's Daughter and her two kiddies come over from New Zealand to stay with us.  This is going to be so good, especially for Rainer, as he has never met his 2 year old grand-daughter yet...... so will say bye for now and will be in touch soon........

cheers - Carol xxx


Tuesday, 03-Nov 2009 @ 1:35 pm

Where has this year gone???

I'm flat out at the moment with coat orders.   This may seem strange to those of us here in the heat of our Australian summer, but on the other side of the world there is SNOW!!!! (lucky buggers).......

Anyway - I have had a few sales of my coats from my on-line store plus a couple of commissions, so I am truly flat out with the knitting at the moment.

If anyone wants me to make them a coat, please do contact me, either through this web-page or at my etsy shop (as above)........ There will be a slight delay but I will get there.

Before I go - check out my latest photoshop montage.........

I've called this one "It's Only a Fantasy".........

Carol xxx


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