Thursday, 27-Feb 2014 @ 6:31 pm
THE TREE OF WONDERMENT - a brand new beginning....

It has been a wee while since the last Blog - there is no excuse (well, none that is plausible), but in our defence, we have both been working away at our artworks, and as such have a few goodies to share.

Rainer has emerged from his "Blue Period", and is once again producing his glorious colourful artworks, featuring his quirky birds. 

His latest piece (THE TREE OF WONDERMENT) is a wonderful work, and is the very first in his brand new series of bird canvases titled THE SQUEEKFARTS...........

These exquisite creatures are based on a family of colourful Lorikeets (parrots), living in a tree right outside our unit.

The very, very first piece in this series is now available for your viewing and/or purchase...........

Size: 450 mm x 450 mm

Price: $250.00 (Aust).

Here is the story to accompany this artwork.......


"What are you thinking Arthur?"

"Well, Pamela, I have a strange feeling that this is not a normal egg!"

"You are not wrong you know, Arthur.  It is a very restless Egg, whenever I sit on it.  Maybe it does not like being in darkness?  Looks more happy in the sunshine!"

"Our new off-spring could be very special, Pamela!"

"Do you mean more special than our other lot in the Tree, Arthur?"

"Yes, I think so, and I know that is is going to be a boy" 

"So what are we going to call our new special boy?"

"Well, Pamela, why don't we call him "SEBASTIAN" - after my Great Grand-father.   He came out of a blue Egg and turned out very special."

"That's got a good sound to it, Arthur................... "SEBASTIAN SQUEEKFART"  - lovely name!"

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