Friday, 12-Feb 2016 @ 6:54 pm
HINDENPOD - completed

HindenPod -

A Time Traveller, Shape-Shifter, and Collector of Knowledge - HindenPod, disguised as a simple coconut, gave up his own precious time - past and present, to search the Universe for "The Truth".  He travelled as far as the Gates of the "Multi-Verse" - when all of a sudden he felt the calling for him to return to his own tiny blue Planet of the Past.  HidenPod could always rely on his own home-beacon, and his keen sense of direction.  

However, as he insisted on being disguised as a Coconut, his landing on the little blue Planet was not very elegant.  Crashing through a Pine Forest in the middle of winter was not very becoming for a Coconut.

Luckily it was a soft landing, onto a thick carpet of moss, which was growing around the toes of a tall Pine Tree.  All this Time-Travelling and Landings tired HindenPod, creating an urgent need for him to rest.

Time passed, as it did, with HindenPod being unaware that he had slept through the rest of Winter and halfway into the coming Springtime.

As the warm midday sun tickled his nose, it made him sneeze twelve times, rattling his Collection of Knowledge - still strapped to his large back.

He could not wipe his eyes, as he did not possess hands, but through the fog he could faintly make out the shape of two golden bird-creatures, harnessed to a large sleigh.

They began to speak, rapidly, and in unison, with a peculiar inflection in their voices -

"Creature of Roundness!  We mean you no harm.  We have been guarding you as you have slept, and have been listening to your words of wisdom spoken within your slumber.  You could be of great help to save our blue planet.  

Please do come with us.  Our friends await you!"

Overwhelmed by all this niceness, "the Pod" rolled over, onto the waiting Sleigh, muttered the words "Whatever!" and fell asleep once again.

- This time his awakening had nothing to do with twelve sneezes!

HindenPod found himself perched on top of a gigantic Pedestal, in front of the Masses - both Believers and Non-Believers.  All Creatures of the Blue Planet, living in a world of confusion, fuelled by Angst and Anger.

"You are our new Prophet!"  they yelled.  "Tell us what to do!!"

HindenPod had only three words to say.... "BELIEVE IN LOVE!!"



Assemblage Art-Sculpture

Created from a very old and well-travelled Coconut-Pod, Several other pieces of Nature and 'found' objects - plus 2 Antique Brass Griphons.

All wooden parts are coated with polyurethane.

Size: 600 mm x 240 mm 


Tuesday, 09-Feb 2016 @ 6:33 pm
HINDENPOD in the making....

It is very early days yet, but the new Assemblage Artwork (HindenPod) is starting to take shape.   Here is a sneak peek....... showing the two brass griphon creatures pulling the pod on it's sleigh - to be bejewelled and adorned with many dazzling vintage jewellery pieces and other 'found' objects.  

HindenPod is a Time Traveller and Collector of Knowledge.......

Monday, 08-Feb 2016 @ 6:29 pm

Just to remind you that we do still have a few artworks available....

here is one of my favourites - Sommer Schloss - (Summer Castle)...... These flying elephants are "Castle Merchants", and are the Keepers of the Growing of New Castles.... should you require a Castle of your very own, these obliging creatures will grow and harvest one just for you....

Friday, 05-Feb 2016 @ 7:46 pm
Moving along....

Moving along....... still working on 'stuff'........

May put a little "teaser" here soon to show the writings of the stories we are both working on........

Tuesday, 02-Feb 2016 @ 5:41 pm
And Now it is already February....

Golly Gosh - where does that time fly to?    I call this flight of time "The Quickening"  as it seems to get quicker and quicker with each passing year.  I have no problem with time flying, as such - but really, does it have to make one age at the same rate?  That is so not fair!

Anyway - many of you will be wondering where the new artworks have been hiding - well truth is, we have both had a few months break, just doing other 'stuff' - mainly family matters etc, and have also taken a few moments here and there to get back into our writings.  

Over the course of the next few weeks, however, we shall both get back into creating and there will once again be some wonderous pieces of artistic delight for you.   

In the meantime, here is a little funny for you..... 

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