Sunday, 12-Feb 2023 @ 6:58 pm
Wendy is now ready for adoption

Finally finished young Wendy. 

She is now available in our Etsy Shop - the link is on our Home Page.

Sunday, 12-Feb 2023 @ 1:14 pm

Psychedelic Swamp Emu - an unusual vision of the Australian outback creature ....

Eric Emu grew up amongst a very down to earth, ordinary flock of Emus, that populated the grassy plains of the Australian Outback.

One hot summer's day the Herd stopped for a drink at the Shores of a Black Water Swamp.  Eric fell in love with this wonderful place..... he also fell into the warm waters, right up to his tummy!

At the edge of this magical pond, Eric found a brand-new, tasty plant to each, and this plant rewarded him with the most amazying dreams????

Long live Eric the Psychedelic Swamp Emu.

This artwork is now available through our Etsy Shop:   The Link to this is on our Home Page.

Monday, 06-Feb 2023 @ 5:58 pm
Already into February -

Here we are already into the 2nd month of this new year.  Time, time, time - can you please just slow down a bit, I need to breathe!!

Anyways, I am slowly working on getting our ETSY SHOP - Kozik Art Emporium - up and running.   The link to this is on our Home Page.

Today I uploaded Rainer's latest artwork: Bastet the Empress onto our shop page.

This Cat Goddess , and indeed anything Ancient Egyptian, is one of his favourite subjects, and has fascinated him since childhood.  From time to time Rainer will include a hint of Egypt into his artworks, usually a pyramid hidden in a painting , so this Cat Goddess is also one that inspires him.

Size: 30cm x 30cm x 4 cm

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas.  Already strung with a cord and D-rings on the back, so is ready to hang.

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