Thursday, 15-Dec 2022 @ 6:47 pm
Time is flying fast ....

Here it is already the 15th day of December - and that means only 10 days till Christmas.  

We are slowly  working towards  putting a dream into reality - but emphasis is on the word "slowly".    The two of us are so not able to be "somebody's something", and the idea of having to tow the line for someone else's dream just does not gel with us.  With this in mind, we are working towards an idea of somehow, somewhere, starting our own little gallery again.  It may not be a grandious affair, probably only a small lock-up shop in the local market, but this is our dream, and it will be our reality..... the only missing ingredient is the finance of it.  But with a few sales between the two of us, surely we should be able to create this dream-into-reality.

Anyway, this is  still just a 'pipe-dream' for now, but you gotta have a dream, don't you?

I'll end this with a photo of a couple of Carol's Christmas Gnomes..... contact us if you would like to add these two special creatures to your Xmas Family....

Friday, 02-Dec 2022 @ 8:18 pm
Golly Gosh - December is already here!!!

Well, blink and another month has gone.  I tell you, I call this the "QUICKENING!!"

Anyways, my  little journey into the Insta-world is progressing, even though this "Low-Tech Nana" is struggling a little. 

I am slowly managing to put up a few pictures  of our creations, and within minutes I am getting a response or two, from people in the Real World.  Even got an offer from someone on lthe other side of the Globe wanting to purchase our artworks, but as NFT.   Well, being of the "Not so Technincally Savy Brigade", I had to decline this offer.  But it has made One wonder. .... Is this the way of the New Worlde??

Do check out Carol's new Etsy Shop - Kozik Art Emporium -  -  for her latest creations - especially her Little People.  All lovingly hand-knitted and hand-sewn by Carol.  


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