Thursday, 05-Sep 2013 @ 7:53 pm

Well, here we are - already the first week of September!!!  Won't go on about Time Flying or anything, but really............ geez, where does it go to???

Anyway - to celebrate this new month, the Spring Equinox and our move into our new Cottage Gallery, here is Rainer's latest artwork - a tribute to the beautiful 200 year old Moreton Bay Fig tree outside our Studio Window......

Size: 400 x 310 mm

Price: $95.00 (Aust).

...........  "The Moon and the Soul of a Tree" ...

I love Trees - especially trees of a great age.  If I had arms long enough, I would embrace my friend, the ancient fig tree outside my studio window.

If this tree could talk, it could possibly change our world!  I can feel the energy and the wisdom coming from this beautiful creature. 

I feel that the soul of a tree reaches for the Moon.

.........Rainer H. Kozik.


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