Thursday, 25-Jun 2015 @ 5:28 pm

Great News!!!

On Saturday 11th July, KOZIK ART will be operating from shop SE 41 at Carrara Markets - Broadbeach, Qld.

Here is a "Before" photo of the little cottage/gallery............ watch this space for the 'After" photos.

Sunday, 21-Jun 2015 @ 6:00 pm

The Beast of Burden............

Shackled and chained to the rock wall of his watery Grotto, Ludwig, the Sea-Horse-Dragon was not happy.  One could say he was close to despair, and in a very dark place of loneliness.

Only a few moon-changes ago, Ludwig was a celebrated and proud creature from the Northlands.  Guiding and protecting ancient Sea-Farers across the wild and unforgiving oceans, he earned his name - "Ludwig the Great"!  But sadness set in when Ludwig was suddenly beseiged by oldness.  He was no longer the One called upon for help.  And so he bacame a Burden to his Keepers.

However, this night of despair did not last!  Somehow Ludwig found the strength to survive, by collecting thoughts of his past achievements. and from this he found the strength to break free from his shackles, drifting out to Sea in search of a new Dragon Life.

It did not take him long to find his new home..... a Forgotten Island from the "Olde Worlde" ......... the perfect place for an elderly Hero - Fires in Caves to warm his cold bottom, and plenty of eager pupils to listen to his amazing stories........... Ludwig the Great was pleased! 

Sunday, 14-Jun 2015 @ 4:58 pm
Progress of a Sculpture

Getting back into production..... Here is a progress shot of Rainer's latest sculpture (as yet untitled, but thinking it may be titled: "Beast of Burden").  The background artwork is "The Firmamant".

Driftwood, vintage jewellery and 'found objects'

Wednesday, 10-Jun 2015 @ 8:17 pm
Times surely flies............

Well, here it is already into June - nothing much to add here, but many apologies for not being on-line for a while.  Truth is, the two of us have had a rather rough and rocky few months - Carol ended up in hospital in October for some major surgery, followed by the sad passing of her Mother two weeks before Christmas.  Then a mad dash over to NZ to spend time with her family to help tie up a few loose ends.

Then a couple of weeks ago Rainer ended up in hospital, himself having some fairly major surgery...........  so all in all, things just cannot get any worse, so the only way is UP from now on!

Anyway - we are now slowly back on track, and are at present weighing up a few options for opening up a new Gallery once again.............

In the meantime - here is a little collage of some of Rainer's older works to wet your appetitie.............

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